James Lee

Duy Dao

Software Engineer @ Orange Logic

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I'm a guru with endless passion for technologies. I'm especially into web and Android developments. Programming languages or frameworks are not barriers to me. Anywhere that provides me a computer makes me ready to develop and craft any idea into world.

Latest Projects

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A loyalty system for coffee shop Y.A.M.A

This is a B2C project for a coffee shop in Tây Ninh, Vietnam. The project is about a loyalty system and consists of 3 modules: server, customer app and admin app. The mobile applications were written with Flutter. The backend part is written completely in Kotlin using Spring boot framework.

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2048 Replica - JavaFX game project

2048 once was a very popular game played on milion mobile devices across platforms. During my second year in university, I did a project of writing a game base on the idea of the famous "2048" in JavaFX framework. This project is open-source and for the purpose of researching, studying, only.

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Work Experience

Software Engineer - Orange Logic (March 2018 - Present)

Currently, I'm working full time at Orange Logic as software engineer. Here, my job is improving the company's main product: Cortex, which is a digital assets management.

Project manager & Lead Developer - Ebolo unofficial team (Dec 2017 - Present)

Ebolo is the name of my team, the team of 4 college students developing software solutions for small businesses. This is mainly for the purpose of studying, sharing experiences and having fun together. In the other words, I'm currently a freelancer and open for being hired! :)

Software Engineer - Smartdatics (Jul 2017 - Dec 2017)

I worked at Smartdatics Ltd. as part-time junior developer, constructing backend for web-app projects. During this period of time, I worked mainly on 2 projects, Saola (http://www.saola.me) and Gadpoint (http://www.gadpoint.com)

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